Don't Make These Mistakes In The Days Leading Up To Your Child's First Day In Daycare

If you've signed your toddler up for a child care program, you might not think there is much else to do to prepare your child for the days to come. As a result of that thinking, it's easy to make a few mistakes that could make things a little tougher for you and your child when they first start going to daycare. Here are some things to make sure you avoid.

Acting Concerned or Sad

You may have complicated feelings about your child attending daycare. You may be excited for them, but it's also possible that you are a bit sad that you won't see them all day long or worried that they will miss you. This can cause you to look sad or concerned when you talk about daycare, which can then cause your child to become anxious about why you don't seem happy about what's happening. They may think there is something negative about daycare and it could make them reluctant to go.

Instead, do your best to remain upbeat about the child care program and always talk positively about it. You can tell your child that you will miss them, but don't dwell on that. Rather, let them know that they will have a good time and that you'll be happy to see them when you arrive at the end of the day.

Not Changing Your Morning Wakeup Time

If you and your child get up around the same time every day, you might think it's fine to stick to your schedule without changing anything for the child care program. However, you might find it more useful to wake up earlier for a number of reasons. If your child spills breakfast all over their carefully-selected first day outfit or has a tantrum and refuses to get dressed at all, you may become stressed out and the entire morning can be upsetting for everyone.

To make mornings go more smoothly, make a conscious decision to wake up earlier than you think you need to before and after your child's first day. You'll get your child used to waking up a bit earlier, and anything that happens can be handled in a calm manner so you can still make it to daycare on time.

By avoiding the mistakes above, you and your child can feel more comfortable about daycare. Ask the daycare staff like those found at Kaye Kare Child Care Center for more ideas that will help your child get off to a great start in their program.