4 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Preschool For Your Child

As a parent, choosing a preschool for your child is definitely an important decision to make in this early stage of your child's development. Choosing the right preschool ensures that your child is thriving and will be prepared for their educational development in the future. In order to choose the right preschool, it's important that you avoid these four common mistakes: Visiting the Preschool Once: One of the most common mistakes parents make is visiting the preschool only once.

How To Deal With Putting Your Baby In Daycare

Placing your infant in childcare can be a heart rending moment for a parent, even if it is a necessity. While tips for helping children adjust to childcare are easy to come by, it can be more difficult to find ways to ease your own anxiety and nerves. The following strategies can help you get through the first few days. Tip #1: Take some time to drop-in After you choose your childcare provider but before you return to work, plan to drop in at the daycare a couple of times.

Summer Break Options For Childcare

With summer just around the corner, many working parents of young school-age children are wondering what their child care options will be once school gets out. If you are one of these parents, the following are a few options to consider. Option #1: Hire a nanny This option isn't just for the rich and famous. If you live near a college campus you may have access to students looking for summer employment.