How To Deal With Putting Your Baby In Daycare

Placing your infant in childcare can be a heart rending moment for a parent, even if it is a necessity. While tips for helping children adjust to childcare are easy to come by, it can be more difficult to find ways to ease your own anxiety and nerves. The following strategies can help you get through the first few days.

Tip #1: Take some time to drop-in

After you choose your childcare provider but before you return to work, plan to drop in at the daycare a couple of times. Choose different times and days for your visits. This gives you a chance to observe the infant room as it is really being run. These visits should set your mind at ease that your child will be in expert caring hands.

Tip #2: Ease into it

If your employer is willing, try and schedule a few half days the first week back at work. You may even want to set aside some of your vacation or personal days for just this purpose. This way you can begin by only leaving your child at daycare for a couple of hours as you both adjust to the new routine. Knowing that you will only be apart for a couple of hours can help make the transition easier.

Tip #3: Set up check-ins

The childcare center is used to nervous parents, so don't be afraid to call and check in on your child throughout the day. Inquire with the staff to find out when it is the best time call. For example, lunchtime may be hectic, so they may prefer that you don't call during this period.

Tip #4: Schedule a visit

A lunchtime visit could be a lovely routine if you work near the daycare center and if you have a long enough lunch break. Stopping by to simply hold your baby can help ease your anxiety so you are relaxed for the remainder of the work day. If you are breast feeding, this is also an excellent time for a feeding so you can continue to connect to your child even after you return to work.

Tip #5: Set up a journal

A journal is an excellent way to work through your divided feelings about daycare. One way to handle this is to use a journal to write notes to your child throughout the day, with the goal of one day gifting them the journal when they are an adult. Jotting down a few sentences throughout the day can help you feel more connected while you are also creating a wonderful heirloom for your baby.

Talk to a childcare center, like Noah's Ark Christian Daycare, in your area for more information on infant daycare.