Do You Have A Passion For Teaching Infants And Toddlers? 4 Benefits Of Attending CDA Training

Working in an infant and toddler room requires more than just the ability to snuggle with babies. Although you may put your heart and soul into caring for the littlest members of our population, there are so many things to know about teaching children under the age of three. The decision to teach infants and toddlers means that you are able to help them get through some of the most foundational months of their development. Now that you know that this is where your passion lies, going through CDA training for infant and toddler teachers could help you enjoy these benefits for a fulfilling career.

Learn How to Create a Safer Learning Environment

Safety always comes first when you work with young children. While you may already implement many of the best practices for infant and toddler classrooms, there are constantly new things to learn. For instance, the recent coronavirus pandemic has added infection control methods to the recommendations for health and safety that child care centers must follow. CDA training for infant and toddler teachers helps you learn how to research new policies and stay on top of the latest news regarding child development and safety strategies.

Develop More Effective Lesson Plans

Those sweet little faces just make you want to give every child you teach the best opportunities in life. During your journey toward earning a CDA, you will learn more about the many milestones the children in your classroom will hit at each age level. You also learn how to individualize your lesson plans since all children do not reach the same milestones at the same time. Learning how to help one infant learn to grasp objects, while another is learning to stand, helps you target the needs of each individual child.

Mark Milestone Moments Better With Increased Observational Skills

Those lesson plans will be much more effective when you are able to note even the smallest changes in a child's abilities. CDA training helps you to understand the difference between formal and informal assessments. You will also learn how to write detailed anecdotal notes that you can use to create your lesson plans and hold productive meetings with the parents of the children in your classroom.

Obtain a Leadership Position In the Classroom

One of the biggest benefits of earning your CDA is that it demonstrates professionalism. Being able to show a program director and your colleagues that you have the commitment to be the strongest teacher possible opens up more job opportunities. Whether your ultimate goal is to be a lead teacher or eventually direct a program, your career path opens up once you earn this important credential.

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